Made To Measure

At Glance Leather Industries, we have a specialized team for manufacturing (made to measure) garments. With our advance techniques and facilities, we provide the best designs. We also acquire an in-house Leather Tanning Unit, where we make leathers up to the CE Standards, giving the maximum quality and satisfaction to our customers. Our aim is to offer an unmatched combination of master craftsmanship, via computerized designs and a desire to make the best garments.


We provide leather jacket, leather garments, gloves and accessories with the tailor made precision.


We offer all kind of Leather Apparel in Cow, New-Zealand Ribby Sheep, Hair Sheep, Goat and Buffalo in required color and thickness our leather quality range is from regular to CE standard we also manufacturer light weight, water proof, fire proof and washable leather.


We provide all options of different fixed lining in cotton, polyester and silk with different kind of printing and quilted padding with all kind of cotton grammage in side. Also we provide options as well Zip of Liner and double back liners special in shearling fur and rabbet fur.


We only use YKK Heavy Duty zippers in all of our garments.

Seams Form Glance Leather

Without compromising on our quality, we manufacture all of our garments with triple stitched seams and we also provide the upgrade of four and five stitched seams and also we offer our customer Leather, Elastic and Ribbing for garments.

Labeling & Printing

We provide the option of custom screen printing, along with a few upgrades like, leather appliqué, heat transfer, flex printing, embroidery and rubber labeling in any font and design required

We give keen importance to research & development, because we believe there is always space for improvement and learning. With continuous development of our own, at Glance Leather Industries, we always welcome the new ideas from the customer’s end and try to satisfy them at the best level possible