Tanning to your requirement

Glance Leather Industries, Tannery division was founded as backward integration of stitching unit. Having experience of being leather consumer, we used it for better development of leather controlling the quality and finish.

Using our team of experts stationed in Tannery division we are producing many kinds of market specific leathers. While the development of leathers our main focus remains on customer requirement and quality. We can produce the following leathers according to client’s needs.

Chrome Free
This is the leather that most tanners refer to as wet-white leather due to its pale cream or white color. It is the main type of “chrome-free” leather. Leather products sometimes contain some hazardous substances like chromium (VI) although only chromium compounds in the form of chromium (III) were used in the tanning process. In our tannery, in order to avoid this issue wet white leathers are produced by combinations of synthetic tannins, vegetable tannins, glutaraldehydes and minerals, such as aluminium and zirconium using the same equipment that is required by regular chrome leather.

Crust leather is higher added value skin and hides already tanned ready for the finishing stage. The semi-tanned wet-blue leather undergo final tanning to produce crust leather. At Glance Leather Industries, we can produce crust leather using cow, buffalo, goat, sheep and New-Zealand sheep skins. With the help of our expert team and technology, we can produce crust leather keeping in mind the end product requirements. All the processes involving the production of crust leather such as Trimming, Splitting, Shaving, Retanning, Fat Liquoring, Dyeing, Setting Out, Drying and Conditioning are done under one roof.

Goat & Sheep Skins Crust
Selection:A/B/C/D     %age: 20/20/30/30
Thickness:0.6-0.9mm   Average: 3-7 Sq.Ft.

Selection:E/F/G/H   %age: 25/25/25/25
Thickness:0.6-0.9mm   Average: 3-7 Sq.Ft.

Selection:A/B/C/D/E   %age: 10/20/20/25/25
Thickness:0.6-0.9mm   Average: 3-7 Sq.Ft.

Cow & Buffalo Sides Crust

Selection:TR 1 &2   %age: 20/20/30/30
Thickness:2.4-2.6mm   Average: 18-24 Sq.Ft.

Selection:TR 1 &2   %age: 20/30/30/20
Thickness:1.4-1.8mm   Average: 18-24 Sq.Ft.

Selection:TR 1 &2   %age: 20/30/30/20
Thickness:0.8-1.2mm   Average: 18-24 Sq.Ft.


Shoe Lining
Shoe Lining is the interior bottom of a shoe, which sits directly beneath the foot. They can be removable and replaceable too. Leather liners are extremely durable and cooler to wear, but may take longer to dry.

In our tannery we only use the highest quality raw materials for our leather lining, and the best tanning processes that are kind to the skin. In this way, the heat (and sweat) produced within the footwear is directed away by the leather lining, leaving a pleasant internal wear climate. Lining leathers can be made in different softness and thickness as required.

Garments & Gloves Leather
Glance Leather Industries is specialised in garments leather both for motorcycle clothing, fashion clothing and gloves. Being a manufacturing unit ourselves, we understand the features required for garments and gloves leather therefore quality is better controlled.

For motorcycle gear we produce analine, semi-analine, natural milled, platted milled, corrected grain and plain finished leather using different types of leathers. These leathers can also be finished in any required colour and thickness. We also provide matte finished leathers.

Fashion garments is a vast field and requires continuous development to stay ahead of competition. In our tannery we have a team working continuously on new leather developments. Our team is specialised to take up any challange put to us by customer. In our tannery we can produce chrome or chrome free, vegetable tanned and wet white leathers.

In the field of fashion leathers we can produce many different kinds of leathers such as analineplounge, semi analine, finished, vegetable tanned, chrome free, drum dyed and semi finished leather.

Motorcycle Clothing & Gloves
• Cowhide
• Buffalo
• Goat
• Hair Sheep

Fashion Clothing
• Cowhide
• Buffalo
• Goat
• Sheep
• Lamb
• New-Zealand Shee